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I posted this in my journal last wkend... but shes is still doing it!! too funny!!

So I noticed something the other week. I'm sitting there watching "Shadowbox" and all of a sudden Sydney just jumps on the chair beside the TV and stares at Rogue.. I was like uh ok then I think back to like the time before that when I had "Shadowbox" on and she did it again. So 3rd times a charm I put it in again late lastnight and lo and behold she's staring at the TV again... She does this occasionally with the CXS CDs but not like this....It's strange...
My cat is a CXS fan!!!

Btw here is the fan herself...
Sydney ~ a 6th month old Egyptian Mau/Bengal Mix...

I should have named her after a CXS song now.... :/


The originally scheduled Nov 4th show at Future in Atlanta, GA has been changed to Thurs. Nov. 3rd instead. I will see you all there that are going.

I will be djing the CXS/Ego Likeness "afterparty" in Jacksonville, NC on Friday, Nov 5th. More info on that to come when I get it all! :D
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Well, As I made this community I suppose I make the first entry ^_^. The Crüxshadows have influenced me insanely, one of my friends went as far as to call me a Crüxshadows nazi (no offense intended, just that i like...smother people with the crüxshadows and they normally end up liking them lol^^) Partly why I fell to head over heals is because they were everything I liked and I didn't know that it could possibly put together like that. Egytian Mythology, Whinning violins and guitars, techno dance music, and a gothic style. What more could one possibly want? This site is to express anything you want as long as its about the Crüxshaodws. So have fun and make fanart!! Me loves fan art..

Live, Love, Be, Believe.
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